Avoid these Mistakes when Renovating your Home

modern home decor

Renovating a home can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life. There is something about taking a piece of property that has seen better days into the modern day period that is rejuvenating.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to keep from making regrettable mistakes:

A Lack of Cohesiveness – It is not uncommon for a homeowner to rely on the help of a contractor and a designer to help put a room together in a pleasing manner. However, a common issue with doing so is the room not coming together in a way that honors the overall design of the home. It can look very out of place to have a modernized kitchen in a home that was manufactured to celebrate a certain time period. It is important to work with your contractors and designers to establish a theme that represents the time period of the home in a way that looks timeless for the best results.

Matchy Match – Although people tend to buy living room and bedroom suites that match exactly, it doesn’t always work very well. It can come across as looking like a showroom that lacks character, charm, or personality. Use your creative flow to pick a few pieces of furniture that shows more of who you are rather than feeling like everything has to be bought all at one time. Utilizing a flea market piece or a garage sale find can be a great way to inject your individual personality into the room.

Modernized Look – Everyone wants a modernized, The Jetsons, look for their home and the kitchen in particular. But when specific looks are chosen that are highly specialized, they can lose their appeal rather quickly. And since the kitchen and bathroom are the most expensive rooms in the home, choosing styles that are timeless will help you enjoy them for much longer. It is better to stay within neutral colors on the main installations like tiles and flooring. You can add color with interchangeable pieces like fabrics or flowers if you would like to.

Replace or Refurbish – Most people think about replacing everything in the home when they think about remodeling. They want what seems to be brand new and clean for them to be happy. But in most cases an old cast iron tub or a sink can be wholly restored to its former glory. They also can be cleaned to where they are as good as new. And in most cases, they end up being more beautiful than a new piece.

Personalize the Space – When people renovate, there can be so many new things in the home that they lose their individuality. Take care to put specific items such as framed pictures and antiques in order to make it feel more homey overall. Those are the items that will bring forth a feeling of nostalgia for greater appeal. A weathered antique is a great way to make a house a home and make people feel more welcome when they visit.