Never Use a Wire Brush to Clean Your Barbecue Grill

Smoking meat is a great way of spending some quality time with your friends and family members. While this time feels really special, we don’t get the time to clean our smoker or barbecue grill until after all of the guests have left. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on the grill because if you leave it for long, it can be almost impossible to clean.

cleaning your barbecue grill

The major concern is the result of the meat itself because it can get burn and stick to the surface of the grill. This makes it almost impossible for you to remove it easily and as a result, it can waste a lot of time too. We often spend all kinds of cleaning gadgets and substances to remove this.

Before cleaning your grill for the next family cookout or tailgate party, think again before you go about using a wire brush to remove the burnt-on gunk. The sharp bristles can fall into the food, causing serious injury to you and your guests.

Doctors tell us it’s risky using brushes with wire bristles. The bristles break off and stick to the grates of the barbecue grill then fall into the food when cooking. Metal bristles pose a serious health risk from lodging in the stomach, intestines, mouth, and throat, and causing internal damage to the body.

Just recently, it has been reported that a young lady felt severe pains after eating a home grilled hamburger. She stated it was a sharp pain unlike any other, giving her stomach a bloated feeling and tender when touched. These sound like pretty serious symptoms.

Two days later, after rushing to the hospital, this young lady underwent surgery, where doctors removed an unusual object found during her CT scan; a 1-inch metal piece lodged in her intestine. The woman’s husband used a metal wire brush to clean their barbecue before he cooked dinner. Unknowingly to both of them, a wire bristle fell into the burger, and she ingested it.

This problem often happens, with another lady, having a wire bristle lodged in her throat. This lady actually ingested the piece of metal from hot dogs and needed surgery to remove it. This is all a cause of using a wire brush to clean your grill or smoker. This means that it is a terrible idea to use this type of brush to clean anything and this specifically applies to any kind of appliance that will be used to cook food.

There are lots of different experts that recommend ditching your wire bristle brush for a safer choice. Coil brushes clean without bristles and a well-known expert in this field advises this. She also recommends a non-scrubbing way by using crumpled foil instead of a bristle brush. Scrubbing with aluminum foil cleans the grates as well as using a brush. For a deep-cleaning method, she recommends a degreaser and cleaner made especially for the barbecue grill.

There are certain things that must be done if are to prioritize our health before anything else. While eating healthy food gets all the attention, different methods of cleaning things at home can also be harmful for the body. For this reason, make sure you focus on this aspect as well.